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Welcome to the Mobile Design Guy blog. I’m here to help you understand native mobile design, how to do it with excellence, why you don’t do certain things and why you do others. I’m going to walk you through things, help you defend your decisions and find your way to designing amazing native apps for your users.

I’ll be posting blog post, videos on the YouTube channel and I have a Podcast coming soon all to help you design better for mobile apps so your users feel it’s native. I also know the pain of not understanding how it’s different from other design platforms. I also know how it is working with people that have opinion as ‘facts’ and how to work around that to protect your users. I’ll also offer you free downloads to help you get started and have a base line and also get to dig in and look at the little details like spacing so you are sure to design pixel perfect designs.

I have over 24 years of experience designing UX/UI and 5 years of Native Mobile Apps which is my passion. I really love designing amazing apps that are focused and fast for users to use that allow them to adapt quickly and think as little as possible to get done with whatever they are there to do and get out. If they are on Android the app shouldn’t feel even a little like iOS and if they are on iOS they shouldn’t even know what Android looks like.

Look forward to awesome free resources coming your way and new fun stuff to help you guys design native mobile apps with excellence!

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