3 May 2018


Post by Mobile Design Guy

I have a huge passion for designing Android Native apps correctly. I know a lot of designers are out there trying to design Android OS apps that best serve their users and follow the establish Material Design patterns to keep the user experience consistent. After searching high and low and spending sometimes hours trying to find documentation online on best practices for certain things I’ve found while using Android phones, I found often there is very little to help designers backup their design decisions or inform them of best practices. This blog is here to help you do that. I will do my best to document and speak to ways to best design your apps that will follow established patterns, mental models, learned behaviors and reduce friction for your users.

Android OS and Material Design has a lot of great documentation but sometimes it’s hard to separate web from native apps, especially for non-Android designers that are strictly looking at Material Design website which also established web browser guidelines. I’m here to help define how to be sure you are designing for phone/tablet users that want a native experience and when not to follow Material or how to do some critical design thinking around Material for your Android platform users.

I hope this helps you and makes your life easier. Welcome to how to Design Android Apps the Right way!

Android Design Guy



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