The Best Way To Do App Rating On Android
16 Jun 2018

The Best Way To Do App Rating On Android

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So this is really boring in most apps and usually super annoying. It pops at the worst times asking you if you like the app and to please rate us. Right? I often wonder if they designer or/and business know if I had the time how many 1 star reviews they would get just for this frustrating and complete lack of thought popup in my face. Seriously right in the middle of typing or about to click submit and BOOM! So this blog post is about two things; how to do this app rating right and when to do this app rating right for your app.

First off this is a HUGE friction point for 99% of your users. They are there to do something in your app and they need/want to do it and get out. Unlike websites, a great experience in an app, is how fast can I accomplish what I need to do and get out most of the time with a few exceptions like Instagram where people come to hang out and browse. But I’m talking about functional apps such as Bank apps, Food delivery, things like Uber, booking a hotel, and on and on I can go, these apps the faster I can use them and accomplish what I needed, the better I feel about the experience. Agree? If yes then we are tracking together. So, how do we ask our users for a rating or even feedback with the least amount of friction? We design it right, simple and most importantly trigger it at the right moments.



So you’ll see here a design that makes this experience pleasant, easy to ignore and also simple to do. When users see the same old Android OS dialogs popping up, let’s be honest, this is normally white noise to them. They just want it to go away. I could dig into why here, but let’s just sum it up by saying to primary reason for this, is improper use of dialogs because, again, honestly, it’s the easy way out both for designs, developers and the business. Ok, back on point. The design below is a full page dialog that does stretch the bounds of Material Design mostly because there is nothing specific around it, but as you’ll notice, it does still follow material in many ways keeping the experience native and not web. We easily drive them away from rating if they are unhappy and to us to give feedback and if they are happy to simply rate it, all the while making it feel and actually be very simple, easy and fast.



Before we look at the graphics, let’s talk about the WHEN! Right? This is even more important that the look and feel. Don’t let your team or a 3rd party trigger this randomly on a user, that will never give you true results and certainly not happy ones that you can celebrate. Make sure that they are triggering these ask at the right moments. What is the right moment you ask? It is always when the user is feeling good. Simple right? Let me explain. Say you are a hotel and your user just successfully booked a room, they feel good, you know by metrics and algorithms that they did it quickly and you can pretty assuredly feel like they are happy and BOOM, trigger your App Rating request. Making more sense now?

Now do not trigger it if someone booked the room but you know they’ve been looking for 35-60+ minutes on the app, oh no that’s too risky. Another example is banking, if your user just did a mobile deposit in less than 30 minutes, BOOM trigger your app rating. Bottom line, look for moments, calculated moments, that you can trigger your ask to a 80-90% guesstimate of a happy user. This will yield incredibly higher 4-5 star ratings in the Google Play Store, than randomly frustrating your user. Take the time and budget to do this. People pay attention more than ever to reviews. In a world of Yelp and Google Ratings and Trip Advisor and Amazon and on and on it goes… you will lose $$ and sometimes a lot of money for not paying attention to this. Restaurants know this or should know this, that a 1 star review can not only cost them hundreds if not thousands from the user that placed the bad review and will never return but also countless other people that will not risk it and take their money elsewhere.



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