1 Dec 2020

Agreement And Plan Of Conversion

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(c) If the company becomes a general or commercial company or a limited liability corporation, the conversion plan is approved by any shareholder, in addition to the shareholder agreement under Subdivision (b) of any shareholder who becomes a general partner or manager under the conversion plan, unless the shareholders have derogatory rights within the meaning of Section 1159 and Chapter 13 (from Section 1300). 4. The provisions of the administrative file of the transformed company, including articles of social or corporate contract relating to organisation and limited liability enterprise agreements, to which the holders of shares in the transformed company are bound. (f) A conversion project may be abandoned by the board of directors of a converting company or by the shareholders of a processing company, if the abandonment is approved by the current shares, in the same way as necessary for the approval of the conversion plan, subject to the contractual rights of third parties, at any time prior to the actual conversion. (e) Notwithstanding the prior agreement of the Board of Directors and their outstanding shares or any of these shares, a conversion plan may be modified prior to an effective conversion if the amendment is approved by the Board of Directors and, if it changes one of the main conditions of the conversion plan, it is amended by the shareholders of the converted shares in the same manner and to the extent necessary for the approval of the original conversion plan. The Taberna Funds indicate that their invocation of the subordination agreement is the reason why they did not challenge the conversion agreement (suggesting that they were aware of the conversion agreement and denied an allegation that such an agreement had been ignored). « ). (d) With respect to the effectiveness of the conversion, all shareholders of the convertible capital company, with the exception of those who exercise derogatory rights pursuant to Section 1159 and Chapter 13 (from Section 1300), are considered parties to agreements or agreements constituting the administrative documents of the transformed entity adopted under the conversion plan , regardless of whether or not a shareholder has executed the conversion plan or documents relating to the converted unit.  Any acceptance of administrative documents established in accordance with it comes into effect on the effective date or conversion. (a) A capital company that wishes to be transformed into another national entity approves a conversion plan.  The conversion plan contains all the following indications: (2) The competence of the organization of the transformed unit and the converted capital company and the name of the unit transformed after conversion. b) The conversion plan is approved by the Conversion Company`s Board of Directors (section 151) and the main terms of the conversion plan are approved by the outstanding shares (section 152) of each class of the company in conversion.