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Wccca Agreement – Mobile Design Guy
20 Dec 2020

Wccca Agreement

Post by Mobile Design Guy

The proposed 250-foot tower would be intended for emergencies and would not be used for mobile operators. The updated communication was part of an agreement with the Washington County Consolidated Communications Agency (WCCCA) through which the city`s emergency messages pass through. WCCCA was established in 1985 under the supervision of the Oregon Revised Statues (ORS) 190 through the implementation of an intergovernmental agreement that was originally concluded between Washington County and the cities of Beaverton, Cornelius, Hillsboro, North Plains and washington County Fire Protection Districts Nos. 1 (today Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue, TVF-R) and 2. WcCCA then entered into intergovernmental agreements with the cities of Banks, Durham, Forest Grove, King City, Sherwood, Tigard, Gaston and Tualatin. The following districts of firefighters joining the agency are Banks, Cornelius, Forest Grove and Gaston. The WCCT and WCCCC are not parties to our agreement, but were created by our agreement to serve the best interests of traditional ownership groups. To manage the agreement and distribute the contributions received to facilitate community development for traditional ownership groups, WCCCA established the Western Cape Communities Trust (WCCT) and the Western Cape Communes Coordinating Committee (WCCCC). The total cost of the project to the city is approximately $3.15 million. In September, the City Council approved a $2.01 million contract with Motorola. The city is responsible for the overall financial management and financing of its part of the project. WCCCA is led by a dedicated staff of more than 90 employees, who are organized in the following departments: administration, business, performance management and logistics.

Prior to the WCCCA, there had been security messages in Washington County since October 1973, when the first civilian distributors were hired. Along with civilian officers, police and firefighters released to answer calls instead of staying, to answer phones and monitor radios. From 1973 to 1985, the center served as a communications center for the Washington County Sheriff`s Office and the cities of Cornelius, Banks, Hillsboro and Gaston, as well as the Washington Fire District 2, the City of Hillsboro Fire Dept., Cornelius Rural Fire Dept. And the Bank Fire Department. “In order to reduce the budgetary impact and spread costs across the overall state of the aircraft, the City is seeking funding for this project in a prudent and responsible manner,” said Matt Zook, the City`s CFO. In the meantime, the city made the first payment of approximately $735,000 to Motorola, which is a supplier to the project. On behalf of the city, the WCCCA requested offers for the work. These included preparation, sorting, primary electricity installation, fencing, shelter, landscaping, tower placement and construction, tower and shelter foundations, generator, fuel tank, secondary current and all related services and materials.

The application period expired on April 30. The city received four bids and two of the bidders participated in a local walk for the project. The lowest qualified offer came from The Sandy-based Summit Solutions Group, with just over $428,000.