21 Dec 2020

Which Statement Describes The Code Of Conduct Of A Person Entering An Agreement

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(a) directly or indirectly offer gifts or benefits to state staff, and hospitality offers are limited to symbolic courtesy offers (z.B tea and coffee during a meeting); any amendment to a provision of this code must be approved by the Compensation, Appointment and Governance Committee of the Facebook Board of Directors or, if necessary, by the Risk Oversight Committee, and communicated without delay, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Facebook`s General Counsel may grant waivers under this code to Facebook employees who are not senior executives or treasury executives. Any waiver or amendment of this code to a member of the board of directors, an executive or a senior treasury official must be approved by the Board of Directors and communicated without delay, in any event, in accordance with applicable legislation or stock exchange rules where Facebook`s common stock is listed on the trade. The code emphasizes the importance of expressing yourself and taking action against wrongdoing, while complementing the breadth of Google`s activity and culture. For example, a section of the code of conduct is devoted to the company`s “canine policy,” which the company says is the key to its unique organizational culture. Your obligation to maintain the confidentiality of this information means that you cannot disclose this information outside of Facebook, unless Facebook has entered into confidentiality agreements. If you have questions about the provisions of a privacy agreement already in place or if you have any questions about the possibility of disclosing certain information, please contact the legal department. Facebook employees should also refrain from sharing confidential information internally beyond those who need to know about it for legitimate purposes of their work. We have an open and transparent culture, and it is not to stifle the ongoing discussions and sharing that have made our success so much easier. On the contrary, you should use your judgment to share what is appropriate within the company for promoting your jobs and the like. Please always note that misuse or disclosure of confidential business information could seriously damage Facebook`s reputation among users, business partners and the community, expose us to liability and harm our business.

The global code of conduct for Johnson and Johnson includes information on anti-corruption laws, anti-cartel laws, global trade compliance, fair purchases, animal welfare, non-discrimination and even the use of social media. b) carry out a public service mission without any preference or bias or for personal benefit.