8 Apr 2021

Collective Agreement Eng

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C11.06 Joint consultation committees should not agree with points that would change any provision of the collective agreement. 3. For workers appointed prior to the signing date of this agreement, their anniversary date is the date on which workers received their last pay increase. Salary (remuneration) – has the same meaning as the “wage rate” in the employee`s collective agreement. Notwithstanding the section on job security in the collective agreement, this employment service annex is a priority in the event of a conflict between this annex to the transition of employment and this article. C10.18 If it turns out that the complaint is such that a decision cannot be made below a specified level of authority, at one level or at all levels, except the final stage, it can be eliminated by the agreement of the employer and the worker and, if necessary, the Union. C10.38 Both the Union and the employer may submit a political complaint to the other regarding the interpretation or application of the collective agreement with respect to one or the bargaining unit in general. The parties agree that the deadlines set out in this agreement can only be extended in writing by mutual agreement. Learn about wage rates, collective agreements, leave provisions, retirement plans and public service benefits. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the Professional Institute of Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) agree to take the necessary steps to implement the changes that arise as soon as an agreement has been reached on the Employee Welfare Assistance Program (EWSP). The parties agree to continue the current practice of cooperation to address concerns about the well-being of staff and the reintegration of workers into work after periods of leave due to illness or injury. Bargaining Partners: Federal Government Dockyard Trades and Labour Council (Esquimalt) (West) (FGDTLC (W)) Collective Agreement Expiry Date: January 30, 2023 Dispute Settlement Mechanism: Arbitration of Incentive Payments for Pensioners and Part-Time Workers and Overtime will be implemented within 150 days of this agreement being signed.

20.04 Without prejudice to the position that the employer or the Union wishes to adopt in the future on the appropriateness of regulating collective agreements, the themes that can be defined for joint consultation are dealt with with the agreement of the parties. C11.02 Topics that can be defined for joint consultation are agreed upon between the parties and include consultations on career development. The consultation may take place at the local, regional or national level, as defined by the parties. C10.06 The employer appoints a representative at each level of the appeal process and informs any worker about the name or title of the person named, as well as the name or title of the person named, as well as the name or title and address of the direct line manager or the local competent local official to be the subject of a complaint.