9 Apr 2021

Geelong Regional Library Corporation Enterprise Agreement 2017

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Ron Nelson, a Geelong councillor who heads the library`s board of directors, agreed that the company`s financial position was “very strong.” The City of Melbourne has withdrawn the agreement in principle agreed by your ASU… Read more In 2016/2017, Ms. Manolis received a salary of $US 181,000 plus a superannuation and a supplied car, which climbed to $185,000 and $189,000 in subsequent years, she said. AsU members at the Maribyrnong Council have a significant benefit in their enterprise agreement … Read more The ASU has been negotiating a new enterprise agreement with QVM management for years. At a recent… VicRoads management has again attempted to secure an ASU agreement on a one-year rollover of EA8, and to learn more. This agreement has… BCYF have indicated that they have offered their agreement, which does not … Read more As we continue to negotiate for your enterprise agreement, job security has remained the key… Read more Wyndham City Council delegates, supported by ASU organizers, negotiated an agreement… Read more The current enterprise agreement with YSAS Youth Support and Advocacy Service still has months to read more negotiations on a replacement agreement for businesses (all agreements are reconsolidated…

Read more The current health situation around Covid-19 is a source of insecurity among many library employees, read more city of Ballarat management has ended negotiations and put a proposed enterprise agreement out… Read more The Glen Eira City Council announces that 20 permanent library employees … Read more We are holding a meeting to approve the minutes of ASU`s claims for future enterprise agreements… Read more Last week, the ASU met and delegated with the Council to discuss the concerns of library staff… In 2017/2018, the company has been too low on wages because of the vacancies it has filled in the meantime, Manolis said. Following today`s library members` meeting, the ASU held discussions this afternoon with the Council to learn more The ASU has been informed that the vote on the Yarra Ranges Shire Council Business Agreement read more The emergency online meeting of library delegates will take place tonight at 6:00 p.m. Please ignore the… ASU organizer Aaron De La Torre will be in negotiations for your new venture… Read more Ballarat City Council agrees to an agreement for a vote. If 50% of the votes… Read more negotiations for your business agreement is underway with the third meeting of the city … Read more The increase included $282,000 in staff costs for the recently opened Leopold Library and a 2.025 percent pay increase, she said.