8 Oct 2021

South Australian Salaried Medical Officers Enterprise Agreement

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Type and coverage of the organization: a workers` union in connection with the medical services, education and research sector All documents and updates regarding the company`s bargaining process are published on this page. The aim is to ensure that all medical managers employed by SA Health have access to the latest available information. Medical officers employed in the public sector of Southern Australia are covered by the South Australian Medical Officers Enterprise Agreement 2017, which contains a number of conditions, including working time, professional development, wages and allowances, leave provisions and other work-related conditions and agreements. You will find our industrial agreements on our website key documents and you can read about sasmoa`s governance and find details about our members and collaborators on our governance page. We negotiate award and company agreements on doctors` remuneration with the Land Government on behalf of employed doctors. SASMOA offers individual and collective industrial representation to our members in: Women`s & Children`s HN (including Women`s & Children`s Hospital, Women`s Health Service, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service and other health services) Senior Counsellor and Consultants (qualified specialists) Central Adelaide LHN (including Royal Adelaide Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Glenside Health Service, Hampstead Rehabilitation Hospital, Breast Screen, SA Pathology, SA Medical Imaging and other health services) Northern Adelaide LHN (which includes Lyell McEwin Hospital, Modbury Hospital and other health services) are typically employed by the 10 Local Health Networks (NHS) covering Southern Australia, as well as various other independent health services. Adequate resources for the health system, so that the Community has access to state-of-the-art equipment and equipment by highly qualified and experienced personnel. There are 8 branches in the organization. Each branch is a reporting unit for the purpose of filing financial reports. The supreme governing body of the organisation is delegated to the Federal Council, which is composed of the institutions of the Federal Office and representatives of the various branches. The organization and its branches have their elections organized by the ACS.

Physicians who wish to join SASMOA/ASMOF should follow the SASMOA/ASMOF link….