10 Oct 2021

Tdr Agreement Format

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(1) In accordance with the contract and in exchange for consideration presented below on behalf of the confirming party, the sellers and buyers agree to acquire the rights to construct the building in question No 8 (hereinafter referred to as `the aforementioned building`) on land situated on land situated in . Admeasur on …….. Qm. Part of the country with the number …………. and is part of the above-mentioned sector. Plot included in the ……….. .. .. as part of ……….. in particular described in the list below, which is written by green colour limit on the plan referred to in the Annex (`the land in question`), and presented by a green colour limit to be developed at its own expense, costs, risks and liabilities and in accordance with those plans, shall be accompanied by a print.

(17) The buyers` agreement on the sale of apartments or rental houses on the basis of ownership of the building to be constructed, as mentioned above, is attached in the above form and provides that it is subject to the conditions and provisions contained in these gifts. When the owner of land necessary for the widening of the road for the creation of new roads or the development of parks, playgrounds, urban facilities, etc., is eligible for the land proposed in the plan for the granting of transferable development rights. Such an allocation entitles the owner of the land in the form of a Certificate of Development Rights (DRC). Which he can use for himself or transfer it to another person. (15) Buyers sell and will allocate the rented buildings in the above-mentioned building on the basis of ownership, with the aim that buyers of the leased buildings of the said building are subject to the seller`s authorisation to transform into a duly registered cooperative, which is governed by the ………. Co-operative Societies Act, 1960 or you should set up a limited company under the Companies Act. At the request and instructions of the sellers, the buyers shall have an organization of the buyers of the rental properties of the building in question established, alone with the buyers of the leased buildings of these other buildings in the sector in question. The land, as the sellers wish, and when creating such an organization, the sellers grant an absolute transfer from the country under which the organization may have been constituted, the country suitable for this purpose, the country of services necessary for this purpose, with appropriate access to this organization, if this is legally possible (the same is not divided), If this is not the case, the sellers grant this organization the negotiable and rentable lease of 99 years at the annual nominal rent of Re. 1. (19) Buyers release the Sellers and the Confirming Party from all losses, damages, claims, remedies, prejudices or proceedings of all persons, including the Government of …….,, of the foregoing company, purchasers or allottes of housing units, dwellings, rental houses, premises, etc. .