13 Oct 2021

University Of Windsor Unifor 2458 Collective Agreement

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“I think both sides want to get an agreement, so we`re here to try to work things out,” he says. “No one really wants to be outside. It`s friendly, so let`s do our best to get a collective agreement.¬†Tulio DiPonti, president of Unifor Local 2458, described the tone of the discussions as “friendly.” Campus workers oppose government attempts to impose a 1% cap on all benefits and remain united against the increase in precarious work at the university. The two local unions will return to the bargaining table today with the intention of negotiating a collective agreement that is fair to all members. “Unifor members ensure that students have an enjoyable campus experience, and we want to continue to do so. But these workers will accept no excuse to limit their wages and create good jobs if the U of W government could set the tone and retaliate against ford`s conservatives,” said Tullio DiPonti, president of Unifor Local 2458. Approximately 300 Unifor members, represented by Local 2458 and 195, work on campus as full-time and part-time administrative staff, corporate engineers and specialized constabulators. Unifor Local 2458 represents nearly 400 full-time and part-time corporate directors and engineers. Ontario long-term care staff schedule lacks urgency. Special constables, members of Local 195, are also calling on the university to show leadership and defend the language of the “campus police” in the face of Ford`s Bill 68.