14 Oct 2021

What Is A Hybrid Agreement

Post by Mobile Design Guy

This month, I will look again at the payment provisions of the Housing Subsidies, Construction and Regeneration Act 1998 (the “Construction Act”), but this time on how they apply to “hybrid” contracts – where the contractor or consultant is hired for a range of services, some of which are “construction work” and some of which are not. The same applies to arbitration. The Construction Act provides for a right of decision only with regard to construction works, which leads to the same confusion and potential disputes in hybrid contracts. Therefore, a right to a decision should also be explicitly included in a hybrid contract if the parties so wish. Since many commercial disputes are contracts that allow the winning party to incur attorneys` fees and expenses, it is absolutely essential that the treatment of these arbitral awards be clearly defined in the fee agreement. It is cost-effective for the client and provides the lawyer with regular cash flow to pursue the case. As with any conditional agreement, the lawyer is incentivized not only to plead the case, but also to successfully close the case for the maximum possible amount, whether through legal proceedings or settlement. .